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  1. My family and I got my dad a 4hr trip on a charter with Anglers Anonymous for his 60th birthday, and we had a GREAT time! Matt and Ross took us out on the boat (which was the perfect size for our family of 5) and we managed to catch some kahawai, some little baby snapper, and 6 or 7 kingfish (only 2 big enough to keep, but the rest were still good fun to catch).
    Matt and Ross were great fun, very easy-going but professional at the same time, and they joined in easliy with the family banter. They were always on hand to help out when needed – which with 4 squeamish women on board was pretty often!
    Back at the wharf, Matt skinned and fileted the two massive kingfish for us – and when we asked how best to cook them, he suggested we try them fried in a batter of panko chips (which we ended up doing, and it was DELICIOUS – thanks Matt!).

    All in all, it was a really great day, and a perfect birthday present for our dad. We’re keen to go again next time we’re up in Russell!

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