One thought on “Snapper

  1. Sweet as bro,went out with Darren the Skipper and had a wonderful time with the others on the boat. The people on the boat were Peter and Eric from Tassie who caught what i would say were the catch of a lifetime with a couple of 8.5kg Snappers. Louis and her dad were from Hastings and and Rotorua who had equally a fine days catch of Snapper and the dad pulled in a nice 2 metre shark. Myself with daughter Shanise did alright with a lot of bait thieves or throw backs and a couple of Kahawai. Shanise actually caught a shark that was landed on the boat but the next shark she latched onto never got on board as it thought we were all to ugly, snapped the line off, as she honestly struggled to get up along side the boat. All in all the weather wasnt to friendly but cast and crew we had on board were first rate. Darren and Andrew thank you very much, Zac from Brisbane.

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