Anglers Anonymous Ltd offers a standard 10 % commission for bookings made where someone has clicked a link on your website to get to our booking system.
This becomes payable once 1 bookings have been made.
Commission is paid automatically via Paypal at the end of our billing cycles. If you don't have a Paypal account then it takes minutes to set one up and is free. It is easy to transfer from Paypal to your bank. You don't even need to set up a Paypal account until after we have made the first payment!
This creates a login to our booking system that you can log in with from anywhere at any time to put bookings through and we will pay commission similarly.
Fill in the details below and follow the instructions given and emailed after clicking Submit, to start earning. The email also explains how to check what we owe you and how to see that it is working and how many clicks we have received from your site.
If your already have already registered but have forgotton your details click
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