Online booking system

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Paypal

Suits business that take bookings or sell tickets

  • accommodation providers  - motels, backpackers, camp grounds, catteries, ...
  • event organizers - schools, sports, movie theatres, ...
  • training courses
  • tourism operators - charter boats, buses, ...

Wendy is not suitable for businesses that schedule appointments dentists, doctors, lawyers etc.

You do not need a web site or a computer - other than for logging in, yet Wendy is easily embedded in your site (if you have one) to look like your site.

No contracts, setup, merchant, or hidden costs

  • NZ 20 cents per booking/ticket.
  • NZ 20 cents per SMS text message.
  • A free Paypal account (to accept credit card payments) with no monthly fee costs between 1.9 and 2.9 % + US 30 cents on transactions.

Simple 30 minute online set up - FREE

Click SIGN UP! to accept credit cards right now!

Simple for users to book and pay

Minimal input required to check availability, book and pay.


  • To look like your own website
  • Notifications including invoices, statements, tickets, cancellations, refunds and more.

Effortless commission payment, monthly invoicing and automated affiliate program

Wendy provides 3 automated ways for referring businesses to book and receive a commission:

  • Deferred payment - payment less commission at end of billing period.
  • Discounted payment at time of booking.
  • Payment in full and commission paid at end of billing period.